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When you work out regularly, whether it’s to stay fit for competition or just to stay fit, there are two supplements that will greatly support your workout program: protein powders and muscle growth supplements. These two supplements will support muscle mass, performance, and strength. Protein Powders and Muscle Growth Supplements Every type of exercise, from bodybuilding to yoga to running will put stress on your muscles. Without stressing out your muscles, you won’t build more muscle and strength. Protein and creatine are essential in muscle growth. Both protein and creative will give your muscles the energy they need to grow,...

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Pure collagen has been promoted as a superfood.  Claims include everything from healthy skin and nails to improvements in weight loss, muscle, and gut function. These potential benefits make it a popular supplement among exercise and health enthusiasts. This article examines what pure collagen is, the research behind it, and whether or not you should incorporate it into your diet.  What is Pure Collagen Collagen is a protein found surrounding body cells. It protects and keeps them strong [R].  Pure collagen is high-quality collagen that comes from grass-fed cowhide. Predominately found in connective tissue, collagen is the most abundant protein...

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