Two Supplements to  Support Your Workout Routine

Two Supplements to Support Your Workout Routine

When you work out regularly, whether it’s to stay fit for competition or just to stay fit, there are two supplements that will greatly support your workout program: protein powders and muscle growth supplements. These two supplements will support muscle mass, performance, and strength.

Protein Powders and Muscle Growth Supplements

Protein Powders

Every type of exercise, from bodybuilding to yoga to running will put stress on your muscles. Without stressing out your muscles, you won’t build more muscle and strength. Protein and creatine are essential in muscle growth. Both protein and creative will give your muscles the energy they need to grow, as well as recover from a workout.


There are plenty of ways to get protein from natural sources and whole foods. If you work out a lot and live a busy life, you may not always have time to prepare a full protein-rich meal. Sometimes you just need a little protein boost without all the hassle of having to cook. Protein powders are a great way to get the extra protein you need to fuel your body for a good workout, rather than eating another meal.

Muscle Growth Supplements

Muscle Growth Supplements Taking muscle growth supplements will give your muscles a little extra boost so that you can work out a little harder, do a few more reps, and recover faster. Creatine allows you to push yourself harder and see bigger gains from your workouts.


When you work out regularly, taking protein and creatine supplements can help you see better results, as well as give you an extra push to work out a little harder, longer, or more often. Both supplements support muscle growth, strength, and recovery which are essential to a good workout.

We’re all different. It’s important to understand how much protein and creatine are necessary for your lifestyle and your workout program. Stop by NutriShop to talk to our experts about protein powder and creatine supplements.