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Tasty and refreshing

Best BCAA powder I’ve found. Great taste and superb hydration

Love this stuff!!

I was previously using another brand of keto drink, not realizing it but the product I was using was causing some serious side effects, headaches and some other not so pretty stuff was going on. I talked to Shawn and Casey - who are both amazing, and always provide the best advice regarding supplements, they recommended I stop using the other brand immediately, give myself a few days to recover and started me on the Ketovex. What a difference!!!! The quality of Ketovex is far more better than what I was taking and I had zero issues, no more crazy headaches and crazy times in the bathroom. If you are looking for top of the line keto supplement drink, look no further, Ketovex is the one!!!! And it tastes amazing.

Amazing product!

I suffered a lot from gut problems and always being/feeling bloated. I started using this as a recommendation from the owners of NutriShop, Shaun and Casey - I can’t thank them enough for the huge improvements I have felt and seen since starting this supplement. This is now a daily part of my supplement routine and has improved my gut health tremendously, and I am WAY less bloated. I highly recommend this product and NutriShop Mountain View! Thanks for always sharing your knowledge and recommendations of the best supplements.

Strawberry lemonade thermonade is the bomb!

Mountain View Nutrishop saved my life with my supply of my favorite drink!

My new leg day pre!

Good energy and great pump without the jitters or crash


I wish I could drink it all day cuz it tastes so good (satisfies sweet tooth), but it has a delightful kick so I can only drink in AM or I won't sleep! Love it

Love this product

I love the boost it gives me. I prefer this over coffee and it taste better!

same day delivery was great and everything was on time with an excellent level of communication including a follow up call to ensure I received everything as ordered. Excellent service! Well done

Great protein. Doesn’t irritate my stomach at all unlike some other proteins

Love the taste

I love the BCAA taste, easy to mix and not chalky.

Noticeable difference the first time you train with this product. I highly recommend Power ATP!

Fruity cereal is the way to go

Clean protein that’s high quality, mixes easily, and taste like fruit loops! I highly recommend

Awesome Owners

Reached out to them because I was having difficulty locating some Thermonade. Sure enough they hooked me up and shipped it to me and didn't even charge me shipping all the way to TN. Thanks guys!

Great Product!

Really good supplement. My Husband & I feel great everyday. This is better than taking a
multivitamin tablet or capsule. We love this product.

Mega D-3 & MK-7 Veg Capsules

Great product - Wonderful Customer Service

Ordered product on Sunday - was hand delivered to my front porch Monday morning… with a smile and a wave. Love feeling a little bit of humankindness in this time of craziness…

Love Nutrishop product!!

I placed an order online and was delivered the next day as promised! great customer service!

Miracle in a bottle!

I decided to try this stuff out and OMG!! Since the whole Pandemic happened I have not been able to work out like I use to. I take this every single day and haven't lost 1 lb of muscle. I have been checking every 3 weeks on their InBody and I must say I am impressed. Highly suggest this product!


I’ve used this product for 3 years and I love it.
The owners of the Mt. View shop are amazing!! They have taken all necessary precautions on making sure my items were sanitized before going out of their way to deliver to my home.. I’m so appreciative..

Awesome Customer Service & Great Priduct

Shawn was so awesome! He was super informative and had great customer service! I totally recommend this Nutrishop location. The staff was so helpful and friendly. Thanks again!!!

Best thing on the market!

I’ve tried a lot pre work outs, hands down this is the best you can get! Don’t second guess it, grab a bottle and you won’t regret it!


I’ve been taking this product for about a month now and I can definitely notice a difference. I feel leaner and stronger since I’ve started taking Laxodren. Thank you Shawn for the recommendation!!

Favorite Product

This is hands down one of my favorite products. I seriously can’t train without it. #gains

HydroPro Chocolate is great!

Been using for about a year and is the best tasting protein I have tried...and there have been many over the years....


N.O.X-P3 is my goto pre! Absolutely amazing pumps and performance in the gym without the wired feeling!
If your looking for a great workout without that cracked out feeling most pre workouts are know for, then id highly recommend this N.O.X-P3.